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How I did “COSA RESTA” pt1

Hi all, it’s been a while since I last wrote something. Fact is I’ve been dead busy with lots of projects lately and I did not have a proper chance to sit down and write on this blog.

Well, here I am at last! This post would have been too long to make it into one so I rather have it split in 2 sections, in the first one I will explain how I shot it and in the second part I will explain post production into details.

First you might enjoy having a look at the final version of the video



You might as well wonder why this version bears the “Director’s cut” label. In fact there was a first version of the video I edited strictly edited following the client’s directions but in the end he liked my version better.

All right, now let’s talk technical here. I shot this music video using both an anamorphic adapter and spherical lenses. I would have gone all the way anamorphic but in some instances we were in a real rush and we were mostly shooting exteriors so spherical is a lot faster. It would have been perfectly doable if I had the chance to grab some Hawks or Primos but I guess this was way out of the budget.. so the sought after anamorphic look it had to be all on an adapter: KOWA 16D.


TV STUDIO canon 5dmkII


Working for TV it isn’t an easy task as It might seem at first sight if you are used to work in the movies industries, it simply won’t be like taking a remote and clicking on the power button.
As usual it requires hard work to make things look neat and polished.

Compared to filming there is a clear advantage though: once you have set up your lighting equipment and your cameras you are good to go for a long time. In filming you have to move lighting around as the scene changes so it’s kind of an ever changing situation.