OCT19 adapter for LOMO lenses

LOMO lenses are the answer of Russia to Cooke lenses.

As you surely know USA and URSS fought for years for the ultimate supremacy. Cinema was a field of excellence for the USA and indeed the Russian were trying to catch up.
Cooke lenses were widely in use in US movies, URSS had Konvas and Kinor films cameras and the best lenses available were the LOMOS.

With all this DSLR craze and especially with the introduction of mirror less cameras a hunt for vintage lenses started. Prices have raised a lot in the last years but you can still find some pretty good deals.
On mirror less cameras you can mount pretty much anything and that I think it is a strong point to go vintage for video work (on a budget). Indeed the 5dmkII dynamic range is superior, the full frame aesthetics are evident but looking for vsome legacy glass is one direction of DPing the art of film-making.

So you can mount pretty much anything on a GH2, as long as an adapter is available. Well, I could just find one available on the market and that’s Ciecio7 on Ebay, or http://www.foto-akcesoria.com.pl . I already had an adapter from him, for my canon FDs and it’s solid, hand crafted, Dur-aluminum stuff (the same used in the Aircraft industry). Quality.

The adapter does not come for cheap but let me tell you it’s simply massive, there are no other words for it. Three or even four times bigger than the FD adapter and it has a rotating locking mechanism.


CIECIO7 oct19


OCT19 Lomos are mechanically superior to those in OCT18 mount. The focus on those is such that the mount might come off while over twisting the focus ring that comes off like a light bulb.
The OCT18 might be different in color rendition and actually warmer than the LOMOS in OCT19 mount, but I actually like to stay in the middle of the range for most of my work, not too sharp and cold and not too soft and warm. You can always take decisions afterwards, in post, about colors and looks.

I have 4 LOMOS lenses and the adapter is doing an excellent job indeed, it fits perfectly, locks in the lens and lets the lens focus to infinity. This is what it looks like on the GH2, a huge beast!


GH2 oct19


The problem is that out of the 4 lenses I have none of them, once fitted,  had the markings on the top. Quite a shame, as you need to see them when making adjustments on a shoot. Numbers were all hanging on the left hand side, could barely see the first f-stop marked at f2. Because the problem was recurring I thought the adapter was the culprit. In any case it would have been way faster to fix the adapter instead of fiddling with 3 lenses built like a tank.


oct19 mount


After a bit of tweaking I understood how the adapter had been made and that I had to act on the bottom bit, where 3 minuscule screws are holding the m4/3 mount in place. Unscrewed those I could twist the mount a quarter of its diameter anti-clock wise, tighten back the screw and .. not right yet!

The spoiler was that top bit near my thumb in the picture. What the hell are those I do not really know as they are not in function. Actually if I were Ciecio7 I would take them off. I had to saw one of the edges quite a bit, from a 90 degrees angle to a 45 degrees one in order to have the mount fit onto the GH2. Otherwise that strange looking edge would have hit the top bit of the GH2, where the LUMIX print is and not allow for proper fitting and twisting for securing the mount. Hopefully you can see what I am talking about in the picture below.
gh2 with adapter

Another area I would have liked to be a little better is the actual locking mechanism, that looks like over sized focus ring. It would be ideal to hear a click when it’s gone all the way in, so you know that’s it, and you can go shooting. The lens plus the mounts are so chunky and heavy that you start thinking “oh my God it’s not going to hold it on”. So I tend to tighten the securing mechanism a bit too much. Maybe it’s just me being too weary.

Here’s what you will end up with, so you can see what I am talking about and that’s not even the biggest lens in the range, just a 50mm!


gh2 lomo oct19


Btw, you will have to use a plate raiser, or a cage, to have your GH2 sitting on a plate because the adapter protrudes a bit on the bottom..

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