Hi All and welcome to my Website.

A few words before you start browsing this website. My name is Paolo Perelli, I am Italian but I used to live in London.. among other things, I still love the language and to reach a larger public I have decided to stick to English.
I am no mother tongue, so you will have to bear with me.

You know who I am if you read my CV and I do not have the pleasure of having made your acquaintance.
I allow people to make comments with the intent of growing a community and to better the content of this website.
Keep up a website requires a lot of work, actually let me say it’s pretty much a full time job itself. So if you are rude, impolite or you show a big attitude I might decide to ban you forever from accessing this pages. It’s a one time decision.
I held a forum back in time and it was a heck of an effort trying to tame it. As I do not have a moderator yet, please behave.

The intent this website is to share information on the very art of film making. I do lot of research as this art requires hard work to learn its secrets, I do not call myself an expert and I do not pretend to be.. so I can make mistakes, omissions or not be up to the mark but it will always be my very best effort.

I hope you will enjoy your time reading and hopefully you will find some useful tips.